Ben Miller Film & TV coursework

There is no limit to creativity


Unit 4 LO 2.2

Week 8,9&10- The Hello Project

In this project, I am going to be creating a video communication project. I have chosen this way of communication because it is the best way I could display my work. if is used something like radio it wouldn’t be as effective because I could only use sounds which this entire project is basically creating a narrative with the word hello. Personally, I prefer to do it in video form because it means that my work is based on visuals more than using just sound. Continue reading “Week 8,9&10- The Hello Project”


Week 7 Unit 4: Representation

In this blog, I am going to be discussing what representation is and how it is used in a lot of TV shows because of its how the media portrays us. Continue reading “Week 7 Unit 4: Representation”

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