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Unit 3 LO 1.1

Week7 Unit 3, Working Practices

In this lesson, we learnt about the different ways about how to get into the media industry, there are very few options, however, learning about our options are useful because it means we have a better understanding of what our life would be like and how we would be able to pursue our dreams. Continue reading “Week7 Unit 3, Working Practices”


Week 4 Unit 3, Cameraman

How to become a cameraman? Continue reading “Week 4 Unit 3, Cameraman”

Week 3 Unit 3, How to become a Foley engineer

How to become a foley engineer?

to become a foley engineer you first need to become a sound engineer because a foley engineer is a specialist, which is a progression from a sound engineer. so to become a sound engineer you firstly need to get some experience of sorts you need to go out there to a theater or somewhere to say that you’ve had that experience or you can be there to help out, being able to put that down on your cv is good as it can attract future employers and it can help if you want to go to university. You  could also get an apprenticeship or an internship which again helps build experience and your knowledge base. Then there is also the option to go to university that gives you the options of connections,  experience, skills and knowledge which can then lead onto freelance work and over time you will improve and eventually get the skills and sometime’s it’s by chance you become a foley engineer.

Continue reading “Week 3 Unit 3, How to become a Foley engineer”

Week 2 unit 3: How to become a lighting engineer, and what do they do?

What does a lighting engineer do?

they design the lighting set up and they look at the scene they do this using genre stereotypes and semiology.

They maintain the lights they have to able to take them off the rig and repair them also to make sure they are all working before the scene is ready to shoot.

They set up the lights to the design agreed by the director and they have to be able to modify them if needed.

How to become a lighting engineer?

Get work experience!, having work experience is vital because the people who do lighting know pretty much everything there is you need to know. However, you should still go to university as it does give you possible connections and it proves your ability to get  a higher level of education.

you can also do an internship, apprenticeship, or became freelance you will probably need the experience to become a freelance however you will probably be hired more than going to an apprenticeship or an internship.

Week 1 Unit 3 How To Become A Director

What does a film director do?

A director is a visionary, they imagine the film they have the crativit6y of putting other peoples work together they have an image of what they want. They control, actors, sound, editing, lighting and camerawork. They are in full control for when the cameras are rolling. Before action, the producers are in control, because they have control of the money. Continue reading “Week 1 Unit 3 How To Become A Director”

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