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Unit 2 LO 3.2

Week 8,9&10- The Hello Project

In this project, I am going to be creating a video communication project. I have chosen this way of communication because it is the best way I could display my work. if is used something like radio it wouldn’t be as effective because I could only use sounds which this entire project is basically creating a narrative with the word hello. Personally, I prefer to do it in video form because it means that my work is based on visuals more than using just sound. Continue reading “Week 8,9&10- The Hello Project”


Week 7 Unit 2: Research, Editing

I am going to researching about a famous editor called Thelma Schoonmaker who is one of the world’s best and well know editors  in the industry, she has worked long and hard to be in this position. Continue reading “Week 7 Unit 2: Research, Editing”

Week 5/6 Unit 2: Research, Production Research.

In this blog post, I will be exploring “Production Research”, basically all the research that goes into creating a production before it even begins officially. It is the research of every element of a production. This is important because going intro production without planning or research into the project otherwise progress will come to a halt as you don’t know what you are doing. There are so many elements to a production we could only explore a few of them however these were in depth. You have to research things like locations, technical equipment, props, crew, script, the list goes on and on and the extensiveness of the crew is impressive because of the many specifics need to be researched for each of the crew members. Also, the locations need extensive research because it is to try and keep to the storyboard as much as possible. We used the example of Life on  Mars (2006-2007), there were 18 subjects to research in a 5-6 minute clip of the beginning episode of the series. Showing the extensiveness of the amount you need to research for any production. My example is from the tv series of The Originals (2013-current) it is a shorter clip however still contains a large amount to research for this clip. Continue reading “Week 5/6 Unit 2: Research, Production Research.”

Week 4 Unit 2, Research plan-Camera

I am going to research the history of the camera. I will use primary and secondary research as I have the access to an old camera because the college has one and I would be able to photograph and use that as primary research. For secondary research, I can surf the internet look for different articles about the history of cameras. Continue reading “Week 4 Unit 2, Research plan-Camera”

Week 3, Unit 2:Research plan: Sound-Foley


In this research plan, I will be looking into what Foley sound is. Sound is one f the most important aspects as it immerses the audience into the scene and into the film, it really brings it to life. Foley sound is sound effects created physically rather than computer generated, they are used in every single film in the industry. it really brings the film to life. Continue reading “Week 3, Unit 2:Research plan: Sound-Foley”

Week 2 Unit 2: Research Plan: Lighting

Step 1:

I’m going to be looking into the “science” of lighting and I will be looking into the subject terminology. I want to research this because I want to be able to use the correct terminology when referencing to lighting also it will expand my knowledge as a whole. Continue reading “Week 2 Unit 2: Research Plan: Lighting”

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