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Unit 2 LO 1.2

Week 3, Unit 2:Research plan: Sound-Foley


In this research plan, I will be looking into what Foley sound is. Sound is one f the most important aspects as it immerses the audience into the scene and into the film, it really brings it to life. Foley sound is sound effects created physically rather than computer generated, they¬†are used in every single film in the industry. it really brings the film to life. Continue reading “Week 3, Unit 2:Research plan: Sound-Foley”


Week 1 Unit 2 Research Plan

What are primary and secondary sources are?

A primary source is a source you have found out on your own without the help of the internet, it’s your work. E.g. photos, practising skills, interviews and locating what you need for your work.

A secondary source is somebody else’s work. E.g. and interview with someone who we wouldn’t be able to get and interview with, photos from the location that we didn’t want to visit, watching films or shows similar to the genre you are studying. Continue reading “Week 1 Unit 2 Research Plan”

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