Ben Miller Film&TV coursework

Week 8: The Scene, Friendship

This week we have been given the task of producing a one minute short with the subject of “Friendship”. We have to come up with an idea for the short and then treat this as if it were a full production, like the hello project however it wasn’t as in depth because we didn’t have as much knowledge then as we do now.

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Social Media Report W/C: 27/02/17

I have two social media accounts for my professional portfolio, one on twitter and i have a page on my facebook account. Of the two i think my twitter account is more effective as anyone can view it whereas my facebook is only really available to my friends and it’s less looked at. Continue reading “Social Media Report W/C: 27/02/17”

Week 7 Unit 6: Visual Production

This week’s task is all about production mainly with visuals, however, all elements will be considered because it is to be treated as a real production. I think this week will be interesting because it give us a real feel of the industry

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Week 6 Unit 5, Audio Task

This week’s tasks are all about production and actually planning and creating the audio in production and using our skills and being able to create a piece of audio as if it was in an actual production and going through the stages of production.

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Week 5 Unit 5, Audio Skills

Task 5:

This week’s task is another audio task, it’s all about the mic’s, we are learning about what mics are better in different locations and with different size areas. We discuss different mics and decided what mics would work best in certain locations, we were given an example of an interview and we discussed in groups what mics we think would work best in these locations. We were then given the task of going out and doing an example of an interview in three different locations using two different mics and two different shots.

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Week 4 Unit 6, visual task

Task 4:

This week we are doing all about lighting and how it can be used effectively in a scene. We first talked about different lighting techniques we could use and how they are effective. We were then set 2 tasks, the first task was to use natural and artificial light to create, a key light, a fill light, a backlight and all three, the second task was to find a film scene we like and it we had to recreate the lighting of the scene.

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Week 3 Unit 5: Audio Skills

Task 3:

In this task we were given the challenge of creating a scene  from a fairy tale (The Three Billy Goats Gruff) and by only using audio that we have created and few pieces from a sound library, we had to narrate and create this section of the fairly tale. Continue reading “Week 3 Unit 5: Audio Skills”

Feedback And Review w/c 9.1

This week has all been about camera movements and its been very informative because it gives me a better look on how to keep my work interesting even if the actors are staying completely still i could incorporate weather, I’ve learnt a lot on how to give a scene a smooth flow however i feel I need more practice in actually doing it but I’m sure the more i do it the better I’ll become, i found it useful because of watching scenes with this smoothness, I think it looks incredible and I’d love to incorporate it more into my work. i think what we have learnt this week is crucial because it shows us what we can create using a little more effort we can create smooth scenes with seemingly invisible transactions and just a masterpiece in the filming world.

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