This week we are looking at our projects and thinking about why we are doing them and also doing research into them.


My project is a psychological thriller mixed with the characters of Peter Pan. My project is an interesting concept because it takes the much loved Peter Pan fairy-tale and mixes it with a dark psychological thriller. This is interesting because it gives me the chance to explore Peter Pans dark origins and understand the characters and develop that and mixing it with a psychological thriller adding that darkness isn’t something many people do but it is different and unique. Basing it on the fairy-tale it will grab the audience’s attention because of how I want to portray it, making it different from other interpretations. This project is important to me because of throughout my childhood I loved the story of Peter Pan and I used to dream about flying like him, also it sparked my imagination as a child and today I still wish I could fly and just be a kid again. I also was inspired by the stories dark origins and also a song by the artist Ruth B which made me look into the theme of Peter Pan and getting an understanding of it I understand its dark origins and that fascinated me leading to me to do something related to Peter Pan.

I know a fair amount about this subject because i have spent a long time researching into the origins of the character and getting and understanding of the original book as it has such a dark origins. I have listened to the 5-hour audio book listening to the story and getting a feel of how creepy it actually was supposed to be seen. I have also had an understanding of the elements used in psychological thrillers and I understand the common themes used in them. Also with Peter Pan, it is claimed that he is named after the Greek God of sexual deviance, this could also be related to the supposed perversion of the author J.M.Barrie.

I need to have a good understanding of different camera angles and how to make my work look effective and have an impact. So that i can show my understanding of the shots and show this in my storyboard.


This week I will be trying different experimental shots to get a feel for the equipment and experimenting with different shots and seeing how it all works and if it works effectively. I will also be going out onto location so I can have a better understanding of the location and how I intend to shoot it.

IMG_9129IMG_9133IMG_9126This is one of my locations I will be using, this will be the campsite locations and I believe it will be perfect for my work and the way it has been set out works perfectly.

This is my second location it was very useful to come here as I have got an understanding of the amount of space I have to use in my project.


Taking these images have helped my project massively as they have expanded my knowledge of the locations I will be using. Also, it has given me an idea of the space I have to use as well as the accessibility by people. As well as giving me the opportunity to observe the possible health and safety hazards for my actors and crew.




This short film thing is an experiment of working with the locations and late in the evening (around dusk) the light available at that time, we did some practice filming so I have a general idea of how the lighting is going to be looking at this and working with this I now know that I need to start filming this scene earlier as it will get dark rather quickly affecting what I am going to be doing with my work. Also now I have a general idea of what’s going to happen with my work and how this scene shall unfold with the locations and everything it’s very useful and informative. This was an extremely useful exercise as it has helped with knowing how I’m going to film it and what I’m going to do with my project.


From my research, I have been affecting and my knowledge. From going to my locations I am able to see what space I have to work with the general environment and how I can use the space effectively, also by going there at my desired time to film it means that I have a better idea of my lighting there and what I need to make my work look effective. Also using this work i have been able to see how my work would look life if it was filmed also having a better understanding of my locations means that i can imagine the locations better and the how they would be shot. Meaning that i can devlop the story board and make it more in depth.