This week we are looking into what we are going to be researching and getting an understanding. We will be looking at secondary research and learning more about or finalised idea.


I have learnt a lot from my previous work throughout this year, I have learnt a lot about camera movement and how to effectively put my work together. I have learnt of the large extent of work we have to put into pre-production. Reflecting on what I have learnt. I have also enlarged my knowledge of the film industry and also has given me an understanding of how to film and provided a better understanding of the equipment and how a production works.

For my extended project i will be researching into different factors to do with my idea. I will be mainly looking at online sorces so i get a larger understanding of other peoples interpretations, however i will also listen to Peter Pans origingal book so i have an understanding of the origings of the character meaning i have a better understanding of the subject. I will also be looking into psychological thrillers to get a general basis of its definintion, but i wil also study different films in the catergorie of psychologial thrillers giving m,e a better understanding of the general conepts of the subject and what the audience expect to see from my work.




J.M.Barrie was born in 1860, his childhood was full of darkness and tragedy. Since the age of 6, his brother who was about to celebrate his 14th birthday died in an ice-skating accident. His mother never fully recovered mentally she used to dress Barrie in his brother’s clothes to make him come to life again. This could be why he invented the character because of his brother’s death he created a character who could never die and stayed a child forever. it could also reflect that his brother went to a happier place as it is said that Neverland is the place where children go when they pass on.

He becomes a writer and in 1891 married Mary Ansell, a marriage that was “never consummated”, leading to her having an affair then their marriage is shattered by divorce, another tragedy in Barrie’s life. The 1994 film titles “Finding Neverland” with Johnny Depp is based on J.M.Barrie experience meeting the Davies. Barrie uses the Davies as subjects for his work, this family who he met he became very close and their baby is claimed to be the inspiration for the name of Peter Pan. His close relationship with the Davies boys is somewhat uncomfortable, also the fact after their parents died they came into his care, but there is some incriminating evidence that he forged it and changed the name Jenny (the boys grandmother) to Jimmy (his nickname), so it appeared their mother wished for him to take the boys into his care. The reason this was also very creepy is the fact he has been known to have friendships with other children both before the Davies as well as when they had grown up. Because of this, it is not surprising there has ben accusations of him being a paedophile. Knowing this about Barrie helps me understand why the book has so many dark origins however we could be lead to believe this because of his horrid childhood. As well as the fact of his obsession with children could be to do with the world of Peter Pan and why they are all children and its all about youth.

In his book “The Little White Bird”, where Peter first appears the story line reflects that of a paedophile, the narrator who seeming resembles Barrie helps a young boy undress for bed then they share that bed, which brought the speculation that Barrie was a paedophile himself to life. Knowing this makes the story even darker because it makes you wonder what he thought of the characters he had created, it’s chilling.

Barrie later suffered more tragic in his life by the loss of two of the Davies boys, the were in their early 20’s. George was killed in action in 1915, during world war one. Michael, who Barrie had a lot of involvement with, was drowned in1921 with his friend and potential lover Rupert Buxton, at a known danger spot, one month short of his 21st birthday. Knowing this Barrie probably felt cursed because of the constant of death in his life, this could show where all of this darkness and possibly why the character of Peter never wants to age and die basically, this constant presence of death through his life may be why he created the Character of Pan who never ages and will never die.

Some years after Barrie’s death, Peter the youngest of the boys, compiled a large amount of family papers and with his own sources of information, he completed his work, shortly after he killed himself by throwing himself in front of a train. Showing he must have uncovered something that traumatised him or the fact he had been affected bt Barrie that he had to prove who he really was then he had completed his work, hence why he saw no point in life, therefore ending it. Its a sad story however it shows why the story of peter and is the way he is because I have an understanding of who the author was and why he was like that.

This will help my project as it gives me a general overview of where the story came from and why it is so dark and terrifying. Having this understanding will help my project because it mean I can try and portray this image in my work. Also I can look at peter pan in a different light leading to help me develop the thriller element in my work and have a better understanding of the location and the characters of a world made by a broken man.

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Peters first appearance was in “The Little White Bird” its basically about the narrator who befriends a child by talking about the death of the son he never had. Making the child and the child’s parents have sympathy for this man, because they felt sympathetic they trusted this man. Which is creepy in itself, however the narrator tells the boy of a story of a magical boy who lives in Kensington Gardens who never grows old, his character is later developed into his own book “Peter Pan and Wendy”. Knowing where the character is important as I know how his character came about and the fact he was basically created by a seemingly sexual predator, instantly makes him ten times more creepy than the character should be.

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Peter Pan And Wendy (Peters First Book)

the original story is much like the story of the pied piper or the story of Cinderella the true story was so dark and sinister, and much like these fairy-tales the story over the years has become lighter and happier as a whole not reflecting its true dark beginnings. There are no films to my knowledge which have accurately represent the true dark origin’s of these films, such as the ugly stepsisters deforming their feet to win the heart of the prince, or the Piper stealing Hamelin’s children, no one has created an accurate representation of this. Hence why I find the origins fascinating and partially why I wanted to do a psychological thriller to do with peter pan as I can look into how this story was actually supposed to be portrayed and it just fascinates.

Peters original character was so dark and pure evil he used to kill the Lost Boys for fun or just to “Thin them out” just the pure evil of that statement sends chills down my spine, but I believe because of how his character has changed so much people need to see how he was supposed to be. Part of the reason I am doing my project as well as being able to show the psychotic character of Peter which few people know of.

Pan used to kill for fun, used to go on pirate hunts when he was bored just to kill. He had a strange bloodlust unknown of its origins. He also used to turn on the lost boys during battle because he is getting bored or just absolutely crazy, his character is lost and I believe generally psychotic.

These traits are what also inspired me to do a psychological thriller because of his character is generally crazy. Also showing this side of Peter few know is why I want to try and portray these traits in my work. Also knowing more about what Peter was originally supposed to be like and how I can add this to my work.

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Pan the Greek God:

Pan is a Greek god known for various things, his main title is the Shepard however he is also known for his title of being the God of sexual deviance. I am looking into this god is because it is suggested that Peter Pan is named partially after this god.

Pan is almost inseparable from sex, this is because he is generally depicted with an erection meaning he is a very sexual god. Its also interesting that he has no primary partner most gods have a primary partner. However he is also anti-monogamy. I can see why this theory is around due to the fact his traits reflect those of a child/ young teen.

Pan is known from “Panic Sex” this is to do with having sex as and when you please without caring of the consequences, often with Pan it ended up with the creation of something new. However there was one nymph, Syrinx, who refused to have sex with pan she then ran away he chased she turned herself into reeds, he cut them down and created the Panpipes also known as Syrinx in her honour. This is interesting itself as a story however, its useful to have an understanding of where pans name came from meaning I can know about his characters, but also possibly where Barrie got his inspiration for the character, but this could also be down to his supposed sexual perversion that he already known of this god, and the fact he uses the youngest of the Davies boys name could represent something of his feelings for the child.

Pans nature is one of a paradox he was uncivilised in a civilised world. Traits which are seen in Peters character because of his age and his determination to never grow up he will never be able to become civilised in this world much like Pan the Greek God.

Pan was a trickster he was able to trick a few goddesses into his bed. Again another trait which is represented by peter he makes life fun he tricks people he acts how he is, a child.

I will implement this research into my work by portraying some of these elements Barrie used from this character and giving them to my version of Peter Pan.


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A reading of The Original Peter Pan:

I listened to the audio book as it gives me a better understanding of what the actual book says and it also expands my knowledge of the characters and the world I want to create. It will be very useful as I will be adding some of Peters supposed Psychotic traits to my character helping to develop my aim genre.


Thriller Film is a genre that revolves around anticipation and suspense. The aim for Thrillers is to keep the audience alert and on the edge of their seats. The protagonist in these films is set against a problem – an escape, a mission, or a mystery. No matter what sub-genre a Thriller film falls into, it will emphasize the danger that the protagonist faces. The tension with the main problem is built on throughout the film and leads to a highly stressful climax.

Psychological Thrillers

A Psychological Thriller incorporates elements of drama and mystery film. The suspense in this sub-genre comes from the mind, rather than from a psychical threat. The protagonists in Psychological Thrillers must rely on their mental resources to solve the situation. Because of their nature, many Psychological Thrillers cross over into the Horror genre.


A horror film is a movie that seeks to elicit a physiological reaction from the viewers by playingon their fears. The macabre and the supernatural are frequent themes. Horror may also overlap with the fantasy, supernatural fiction and thriller genres.

Main themes in Psychological thrillers:

  • Reality
  • Purpose
  • Perception
  • Mind
  • Existance
  • Identity
  • Death

In realuity psychological thrillers are more creepy. However sometimes glamorise notions of severe mental illness and do not do justice to the complexities of these conditions. Hence why there will be no referances to mental health in my work, because it may be considered inconsiderate and offensive because I may not present these issues in the correct way.

Psychological thriller film analysis:

Shutter Island (2010)

In Shutter Island, directed by the great Martin Scorsese and based on the novel by Dennis Lehane, Leonardo DiCaprio plays Teddy Daniels, a U.S. Marshal investigating a disappearance at an institution for the criminally insane. As the story unfolds, we see bizarre occurrences that become increasingly crazier in nature. Ultimately, we learn that DiCaprio’s character is actually a patient at the institution, as he killed his wife (Michelle Williams) after she drowned their children. His overwhelming guilt over this crime had caused him to create an elaborate story in his mind that gave him a new identity and could make him cope with what he had done. Feeling unable to escape, he willingly subjects himself to a lobotomy to free his mind from these troubles.

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Inception might be better categorized as a psychological action film, but the elements of guilt and ambiguous reality are present at the movie’s forefront. This is also yet another example of a film that came out in 2010 where a character played by Leonardo DiCaprio is plagued by guilt over his wife’s death. We learn that his character, Dom Cobb, had planted an idea in his wife’s (Marion Cotillard) mind that their world wasn’t real so that she would eventually want to leave the limbo dream world they had been in for an extended period of time. However, since this idea was planted so deeply that she still had this belief even in the real world, she killed herself thinking that would allow her to return to the real world. Cobb, weighed down by guilt, finds purpose when an opportunity arises for him to return to his children


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Black Swan (2010):

Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan. It’s a film about theatrical ballet gives this approach unique. Natalie Portman’s character, Nina Sayers, is obsessed with achieving perfection as a professional ballerina. The stress of trying to achieve perfection in her lead role in Swan Lake causes her to undergo a gradual psychological breakdown throughout the film. We see a sinister “black swan” side of her emerge, contrasting the “white swan” side of her that we had seen previously, and in so doing, drawing parallels to the storyline of Swan Lake. In portraying her mental struggle, Aronofsky makes us completely unaware of what is real and what is simply imagined in Nina’s head. In the end, Nina cannot achieve perfection without a huge sacrifice.


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I watched and did a small review of three films in the genre of psychological thriller due to the fact I again will understand more of the audiences expectations as well as gaining the knowledge of how they are shot and teaching me more on how to make an actual film to do with this genre. Also it has given me an understanding of what should be in a psychological thriller and what conventions are used a lot.

Camera angles used In Psychological thrillers (techniques):

When a close up and extreme close up are used in a thriller it is normally used to help build suspense when coming to an important stage within a film. As the camera gets closer, it increases the intensity and this builds tension for the audience. They are useful when trying to highlight specific detail in order to draw the audiences attention.  They are also used to cut from one scene to another. Using a close up helps to express the emotions of specific characters, it gets the audience to notice the expression on their faces and how they are feeling during the scene. It is possible to start with an extreme close up before the camera reveals the bigger picture. This provides the audience with a surprise when everything else within the mise-en-scene is revealed.

A high angle shot is typically used in thriller films connote weakness and vulnerability. They are usually fighting or defending themselves from the villain/evil character. A high angle shot can suggest that the character is uncomfortable and isolated.
A slow panning shot is generally used to either establish a scene or to create even more tension and suspense with the character or setting. It can be used as an enigma code as the audience want to keep watching to see what the pan will reveal.
A slow panning shot is generally used to either establish a scene or to create even more tension and suspense with the character or setting. It can be used as an enigma code as the audience want to keep watching to see what the pan will reveal.
Effective Dolly zoom shots will be done with the use of a camera dolly; where the camera tracks forward towards a subject while simultaneously zooming out creating a woozy effect or a moment of dawning for the character as the camera zooms to do a close up of their face.
It’s good for the effect of disorientation and creating the feeling of anticipation or anxiety as the audience waits for the climax of the shot. Although it’s hard to perfect, thought it’d look good and add to the composition of the piece if we could use this in the opening sequence.
I have researched into common camera angles and techniques used in psychological thrillers because it expands my knowledge on what shots look effective and what effect these shots can have on the audience. This really helps my understanding of the genre, how to shoot it and it will influence on how my work is going to be shot.

My Target Audience:

My target audience will be people who enjoy psychological thrillers and mixing in the fairy-tale element which many people love I think it will draw their attention because of that and the unique twist I have added by making it a psychological thriller. I have a very good understanding of what the audience will expect to see and common themes in the work due to the research you see above.

Interpreting my Research:

Overall my research has really helped me understand the genre I am placing my work into and how to make a somewhat effective short film building tension and the emotions the audience should feel, as well as expanding my knowledge of the world and characters from which I am inspired from. This research has helped my character development as well as how my work will be shot. I know have a good knowledge of where the story of Peter Pan came from and how his character is the way he is. I have a overall better understanding of the characters I am creating and what they need to be like to be effective.




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