This project was all about problems and solutions, each week we got given different tasks which have possible problems, and we have to think of a solution to overcome this problem or if we encounter problems later in our work we are able to talk about them and how we can improve them. We then were taught about the production process and all the stages that contribute to this. We created two different projects following the structure of a production. We went through pre-production learning about all of the necessary paperwork, we then moved onto production stages a stage we are already familiar with because of we have had vast amounts of experience in because of we have worked on it since the beginning od the course, we also went through the stages of post-production which was relatively new as we had only recently learnt about editing amongst other things however we did expand our knowledge during this project.

My expectations of this project were to expand my knowledge of production and get a feeling for what an actual film production has to go through to get to the stages of production and post-production. I believe we learnt a lot through this project because of we learnt a lot about the production process which I found very useful because it gave, me an insight into the industry.

I found some of the tasks fairly challenging because at times I wasn’t 100% sure what we had to produce however after inquiring about the subject it was better explained to me and I was able to complete the task. I found it interesting because it gives us a real feel for the industry even though it is on a minor scale I found it very useful and it opened my eyes to things I would never have contemplated, like the amount of research and all of the pre-production paperwork put into a production.

The target audience for my project is for people who like thrillers and horror because these are the key themes in my project as well as the friendship of course.

I would say that my project does present my idea to my audience, as my idea is initially the idea of a friend dropping everything because their friend needs them, my idea of true friendship. I believe this idea is shown loud and clear, yes in extreme circumstances however it is a more effective was of showing it yes it was over the top but i believe it engaged the audience and made them listen to the actual message of the piece and somewhat reflect and see their friendships in this work.

The audience should consume my work because it has a strong message I’ve had some interesting life experiences make me able to understand who a true friend is, and i think my portrayal is very important because of society’s idea of “friendship” is tainted because of its based on how many you have not who they are.

The message of my work is to show my idea of true friendship, that a friend would drop everything for you and they will run to you just because you said they need you, it’s my idea of a true friend someone who will be there and support you in your time of need that is the message of my work.

My creative portrayal of this message is extreme because even though this is a one in a billion chance of this happening, friendship[ is something special it’s the being there for that person no matter the circumstances they are such an important person to you that you will do anything to be there for them. Friendship is a difficult thing to portray as even though we see it in everyday life, every friendship is different so we needed to reflect on an idea of friendship and create that situation to portray our image and i believe that is what i have done.

My biggest problem when filming was my final scenes where the light is interfering with the shot making it only our silhouettes. this was a problem i attempted to fix however the light was too powerful. I think that my final project came out well even with this slight problem i the message is still there in the audio the important part of this scene is the audio, not the visuals.

I think i could’ve made my project better with better actors and slightly different locations. Better actors because yes we may be more reliable however we are still film students, not actors. Better locations because of the lighting in the final scene could’ve been shot better.

I’ve learnt from this project that i should do more test shots and get a better feel for locations and what i am doing before i start filming because it can have an effect on the quality of my work. Also probably improve how it is shot IE camera angles as they were a bit awkward at times and yes it still portrayed what i wanted to i just believe there are a lot of changes which could’ve been done and I’ve learnt a lot from this work on the other hand.