What have I learnt on the course?

On this course I have learnt a lot about film and the industry and how to actually create a short film and the amount of depth and effort is needed for your work. I have also developed my skills with different equipment of which I have very little experience with, which will help me in the long run.



The first trimester was separated into 4 units, Unit 1 was practical work Unit 2 was research Unit 3 was jobs and Unit 4 was all about theory. On the first week we learnt about framing and compositions for our practical work. This developed my skills of using a camera and tripod as well as expanding my understanding of the different shots used and taught me a lot about framing. In unit two we were learning about research plans, this was extremely useful as it basically was helping me understand how to research and how to research correctly. In unit 3 we learnt about how to become a director and the steps we would need to take to become a director and we had to research into a famous director and learn about how they got to the position they are today, this was useful however I did think about how much the industry has changed and how it is still difficult to be a director as films are really coming into their prime time. For unit 4 we looked at semiology which is the understanding of signs, and it’s basically looking into something and seeing what it could represent like white gives the impression of purity it helps me understand a character more and learn more about that character however I can apply this to my work and show how I understand that semiology is very important.


This week was all about lighting. In unit 1 we looked at using reflectors with natural and artificial light, also using different surfaces to reflect light, it helps us understand how lighting can change a shot and how it could be used effectively. In unit 2 we did a research plan about lighting, we looked into what lighting is and how it is used in the industry, we had to use different types of research i.e. primary research or secondary research. Unit 3 we learnt about lighting engineers and what they do and again researched into a lighting engineer and what things they’ve worked on and so on. Unit 4 we looked into genre and all different types and sub-genres. This is really useful as it expanded my knowledge and using equipment like the reflector helps me understand different jobs in the media.


Unit 1, we started to learn about audio, we learnt about audio maps and levels amongst other things. Unit 2 we did research into Foley sound and learnt about how often it is used in films and how it is a sort of art of sound and not just simple things it can really have an effect on the piece. Unit 3 we learnt about Foley artist and how much effort is put into creating a simple piece. Unit 4 meise-en-scene, this is the study of a scene it basically means what’s in the scene, it’s the analysis of the scene as in costumes, lighting, actors gestures, makeup and hair, props and setting, it is vital to be able to analyse the scene so you get a full understanding of what is there also how things are place purposefully and the depth of a scene.


Unit 1 is all about the camera and different camera angles and concepts, we then had to create a short scene showing what we understood and displaying our knowledge and understanding of different camera concepts and angles. Unit 2 was all about researching cameras and how they have changed over the years also how they have developed and improved over time. Unit 3 is about how to become a camera operator, it’s very informative and we had to research into the subject of camera operators and how they got to where they are. Unit 4 is all about narrative and we learnt lots about the different narrative techniques used in films and how they don’t always follow the simple beginning middle and end some films are completely out of order however this complexity works but only if the story is able to follow.


This week we focused on production research this is because we needed to understand the research which is needed to go into a production. We did this because we were approaching out hello project and we needed to understand the amount of research we needed to do to be able to get to a production stage we did this as we would need to do extensive research in an actual full production and even though this was scratching the surface it was still useful because we were approaching our hello project and having this knowledge helped massively and expanded our knowledge also it gave us a real look on what the industry would be like. We also started to look at editing and how to use AVID which was useful as it was the editing software we are going to be using at our time here but also AVID is a much used editing software in the industry and having this knowledge is useful no matter what.


This week we learnt about the three point lighting setup also about slating. These elements were vital to know because slating is so important in our work also the fact of it helps editing also to sync sound it is vital for what we wanted to do. Learning about the three point lighting was useful as we can understand how it use lighting effectively also what effects different colours and lighting places can change the way a character can look and the feeling of a scene.


In unit 2 we researched about editing and learnt more about the carer and how it used to be done and how it is being done nowadays and the development in the industry and how it has changed over the years. Unit 3 in this session we learnt about the different ways of entering the media and how what ways our careers can be also the fact of how difficult it is to get into the industry and how it is being developed. Unit 4 we learnt about representations about how we are stereotyped in the media and how we are portrayed influences the publics though of people and they make the stereotype of different people.


These weeks were all focused on our small production of the hello project. This production is the production of trimester one and the first proper production we have done ourselves, my initial idea was a simple horror style however, there were complications during the production stages where my actress was ill so things had to be changed and the project wasn’t what I wanted however it was acceptable.


Evaluating my project:


My Hello Project is about a girl age not specified, she gets a text ventures out of her home and goes to the beach gets a phone call and replies with “hello”. This is my hello project as you can probably tell there have been many changes in it, however, the hello project as a whole is about creating a short of your choice and imagination but has the limitation of only being able to say “hello” in the script. This limitation does add difficulty to the project however, it means you become more reliant on your other skills we have learnt and it means you have to create the narrative with barely any script.


My Project:


5 Pros:

  • I think the work is substantial and works for the task at hand
  • I think that my shots and framing were good
  • I feel I have achieved what we were set


5 Cons:

  • The entire project is different to what I had planned
  • my sound isn’t great and could’ve been smoother and improved
  • My original actress was unwell meaning the entire project changed
  • I’m not happy with what I achieved I feel could’ve done more
  • My work could’ve been a better quality and have a better narrative.




Monday- Monday was the day I went into college to collect my equipment and do further research for my project.


Tuesday- I did some testing of makeup for my project


Wednesday- Had to revisit college to collect lighting equipment because it wasn’t available 0n Monday, then I ventured to the locations and placed the equipment to get a feel for how the set could be.


Thursday- filming was cancelled due to me being ill


Friday- actors weren’t free


Saturday- my actress messaged me saying she was unwell and considering it was my only day to film, I had to come up with a new and easily accessible idea that I can create in a day with a single actress, then came up with my idea and created it.


Comparing my work to my proposal it is completely different because of the difficulty through my filming experience. The reason I had to completely change the narrative is because of the fact the story line I had needed two actors and I had one and because it was too late to find a new one I had to completely recreate my whole project. I fell my narrative was lacking in my new project and the whole thing could’ve used more depth and creativity, but because of my lack of time and being able to plan my project it lost a lot of its originality, which I am upset about, and this is not the project I wished to achieve.


I don’t think my work will appeal to my target audience because it’s not engaing and isnt what they would find appealing, because it just isn’t what would keep their attention.


I belive my work covers the criteria of units 1, 2, 3, and 4.


My whole project went worse than expected because of losing my main actress on the morning of filming it meant my entire projected flopped and I had to change everything, so mu work is just different to what I wanted to achieve from this project I feel I wasn’t able to show my full skill and it just didn’t portray what my abilities are. It’s stressful however I feel it is also beneficial, because it taught me a lot about how I shouldn’t be as reliant and I should always be ready for a change of plan.





I could have improved this project massively. I could’ve improved audio quality as when it was windy outside you ca hear the cuts in the audio as it would sound better if the wind would flow from shot to shot. Also because of the wind it made it more difficult to hear the actress talk in the piece. I would’ve improved how I shot it and made the lighting flow and less of a large change and making sure the focus is correct in each frame. I also would had my original narrative as I think it would be Moe appealing to my target audience and more effective overall. Also I think it would show my skills which I have learnt from this course and I wish I could’ve displayed this better.


I found this trimester really good for learning all about films and the different elements of it however I personally didn’t have much interest on the editing side of this trimester as I don’t enjoy that s much as the practical part and pre-production work, but I found this trimester incredibly informative and useful for what I need to understand. Also learning about the different jobs and how to get to those positions was extremely useful because I love and hate this industry but I want to be in the industry and I want to be successful and work as hard as I can and having the knowledge I need to get to that position is vital and before this course I didn’t have much knowledge of films but by his point I have learnt so much already and I have another year and a half to get through first before I finish this course so I think what I learnt in the first trimester was exactly what I needed to know to help me and encourage me to build my confidence and my drive to get into the industry. Also looking more in depth about the different elements in film really helped us understand the different jobs and crew members it really opened up our knowledge to so much information we didn’t understand before and this helped us so much.



This week was all about social media, and creating a social media accounts to upload our work to and hopeful get feedback and also develop our presence on social media, this is useful because it gets our names and work out on social media and spreads our work.


This is the official start or the problems and solution part of this trimester because we started working on our visual skills. We learnt about different camera movements and we studied a scene and noted the camera movements and we wrote about these. We were then set the task to create our own piece and then after completing this we went over the problems we encountered in this task we discussed them and came up with solutions also we talked about problems we encountered whilst filming and how we fixed them or how we changed our work to adapt to this problem.


This week was all about audio and the possible problems we could encounter whilst doing an audio task as well as our understanding of audio. We were set the task of creating a short piece of the three billy goats gruff story. We then discussed the problems we encountered such as ambient sounds and mic placement.


This week’s task was another visual task however it was all about lighting and how to use it effectively also how it is used to create different moods and how the harshness of light can change the mood in a scene. We had to use artificial light and natural light, and from this we learnt it’s very difficult to work with natural light. However we then discus problems we encountered like how unpredictable the sun is and how it is easier to control artificial light than natural. We then had to recreate a scene from a film of our choosing which had an interesting lighting setup, I chose a scene from A series of unfortunate events where they use silhouettes and I encountered difficulties however, I wanted to challenge myself and give myself that experience with an interesting lighting setup.


This week was all about microphones and what mics are better in different locations. We were given examples of locations and discussed what mics would work best in those locations. We were then set the task to go out and use the different mics and see what mics are better in different locations with different spaces, we did have some difficulty with these tasks because we hadn’t properly used the mics before so that had an effect on the quality of the work.


This week we were set another audio task, however, this task was to be treated as if it were a real production so we had to go into depth about our pre-production paperwork and do as much paperwork as if it were a real production, because it gave us an understanding of the real work needed. We had to create a short radio play called “The Proposal”, it was an interesting concept however, was more difficult than expected but it was interesting to get a real feel of the production and pre-production work.


This week was similar to the week before however in a lot more depth because of we had to include all of our visual ideas as well there was extensive research even though it was a small thing of a simple action, it still needs that extensive research. The project went well however as in most productions we did encounter problems and solved them but the overall work was interesting as it gave me a real feel for the idea of the industry and being there for all 3 stages and it gave us a feel for the industry.

WEEK 8&9:

This week we were set a small task of creating a one minuet short based around “friendship” and we had to come up with our individual ideas work on the pre-production paperwork alone, film it and edit it in two weeks. I found this task difficult however interesting and effective because it gives us an insight on what creating our own work would be like and we got a feel for every element of the crew it was an interesting concept and I found it a lot of fun because we got to be creative students.

My work even though it was extreme circumstances was very interesting and enjoyable to do as in my eye my project about a friend dropping everything to be there for someone is true friendship and I wanted to portray that in my work and like I did put a dark twist on it but that is because I love doing that kind of stuff. Also this project is all about being creative and that’s what I tried to do. This work is personal because of friendship is a large part of a person’s life yet it is a very interesting concept and to see how different people portray friendship in their work is fascinating. I think this was a really good task to be set because it gave us a real insight to the industry but it also let us be creative but with restrictions of the “clients” ideas and their limitations. It was also very useful having a one minuet time lot because it meant our work had to fit in this restriction however we also had to be creative and display friendship in this short.


This trimester has been very informative as it gave us more of a chance to work with the equipment and understand it more however it showed us about the problems we encountered in our work and how we solve them. Also the understanding of a production and the three stages were vital for us to understand the industry it gave us a real insight into our work and how much time and effort is needed to create this work. I found this trimester extremely helpful in my understanding of the industry and developing my skills in Pre-Production, Production and Post Production. I feel this part is vital for our work as it really does expand our knowledge and makes us understand the industry a bit more and actually get a feel for what it could be like when we get into the industry. I think the final project was useful because it means we can compare my work from my earlier projects and show how it’s developed over time and how my knowledge and understanding has changed and developed.


  • How to use all equipment
  • Foley sound
  • Sound effects
  • Sound libraries
  • Sync sound
  • Slating
  • Microphones
  • Composition
  • Framing
  • Camera movement
  • 180 degree rules
  • Screen direction
  • Depth of field
  • White balance
  • AVID editing
  • Post-production
  • Pre-production
  • Storyboards
  • Health and safety
  • Location recces
  • Semiology
  • Mise-en-scene
  • Genre
  • Representation
  • Gramsci
  • Narrative
  • Lighting
  • 3 point lighting
  • White balance
  • Reflecting light
  • Light temperature
  • Social media
  • Blogging
  • Letter writing
  • Feminism today
  • Millennials
  • Job roles
  • Time management
  • Researching
  • Vital
  • Secondary and primary
  • Harvard referencing
  • How difficult it is
  • How long it takes
  • 1 min one day
  • Team work
  • Communication
  • How to get into the industry
  • Prevent
  • Evaluation
  • Consent


Who Am I?

Who Am I