This week we have been given the task of producing a one minute short with the subject of “Friendship”. We have to come up with an idea for the short and then treat this as if it were a full production, like the hello project however it wasn’t as in depth because we didn’t have as much knowledge then as we do now.

My Idea:

My idea is the idea of dropping everything and anything for a friend when they need you. And I came up with this idea because of personal experiences, as I found out who my true friends were when I needed them most very few were there for me. I want to portray this image because this is I view friendship, and being in my generation I understand that friends are a difficult thing to have then you realise it’s better to have few true friends than many fake friends, and I want to show to mine and younger generations that having someone who would drop anything and be with you in any situation is better friend than any. It can display what a true friend is, I understand this is how I see a true friend but I feel this should be how other people should portray what a true friend is.

To make this idea to come to life I, of course, have to go through the three stages of production, Pre-Production, Production and Post-production. We have been set two weeks to produce this product, we spend the first three-day just doing pre-production, i.e.: location recce, risk assessment, Project proposal, storyboard and a script, these elements are vital to have an effective product and having a proper schedule is needed otherwise the production will struggle to be done on time.


The research I am going to do is to watch and study six different one minute’s shorts and how the little things are very important. Using things like Mise-en-scene to understand and study the scene talking about the shots and why they have used it and what effect it has on the audience so we can get an idea on how little things can have an effect on the audience.

Special Date:

In this short they use very few different shot types this could be because it keeps the focus on the character and they keep you attention as they constantly having the individual moving which instantly draws the audience’s attention to him, they also add a blur effect on the edges of the shot to highlight the actor and his movements, however I found these distracting because it is confusing and yes it could represent the steam on a mirror however it is used all the time throughout the short.

They use lighting effectively because of the bright LED lights are well used in the bathroom as usually, bathrooms are bright and it really highlights how bright and white the room is and it also makes the scene have a high contrast with colour meaning the actor stands out because of the contrast. However, the shot where he is walking from one room to the other, the lighting they used outside wasn’t done very well because the light was on his face, and it didn’t look authentic whereas if they had filmed it earlier at dusk time it would’ve been more effective and lighter.Also in the shot before you can see one of their lights in the door window meaning they didn’t have a good location recce also the fact it should’ve been noted and made sure the light was in a better location and not visible in shot, Also I think the use of a computer screen was effective as it highlighted the character, and it made that object seem important however, I feel like there should’ve been a slight light as it makes it more unrealistic because it was on when he walked in and he wouldn’t have been able to see and probably would’ve fallen over something.

The quick editing was done well, they used a lot of quick editing for him getting ready which was well done because it could’ve represented the fact he was anxious and excited as well it reflected how he felt at the time. And the fact he changes his outfit a few times reflects his nerves and making sure he looks good, for this date. The bright colours he wears could reflect his personality it could mean he is quite a happy and light person.

The music is very light and happy reflecting the mood but also the situation because of the music you wouldn’t relate this work to anything creepy or dark because of the music being played. They also use a lot of Foley for the elements which we would expect to hear Foley sounds.

The audio is used well however, some of the visuals could’ve been done better and probably planned better.


At the beginning of this short, there are a few shorts representing how calm he is and prepared, however, when he is looking for his phone there is an increase of transactions, suggesting there is an increase of frustration. The more he searches it seems to increase however when the phone is found the shots slow down quickly.

There is a filter used reduces the saturation of the film, this adds a creepy tone because of the lack of colour and life it makes the film seem dead and lifeless. The music used is interesting as t suggests it is a cheesy mystery film because of its tune, it feels quite upbeat which is odd. However, the music does seem to stop when there is an important action and they highlight it using Foley sound.

The short has an overall creepy tone about it because of the phone call at the end the tone of the voice.


Time is an interesting short, it is based around the concept of time and how precious it is. In the beginning of this short there is a clock representing the one minute this short will last for, however, there is a woman sat at a table in a restaurant waiting for her partner. When he shows he seems to pay little to no attention to her because of this she probably felt lonely and upset. The next scene is her driving with tears coming down her face she has something white a card or letter under her leg and she is believed to have a crash and died. I think this represents how we should appreciate our loved ones because they can be taken away in just a second. It is shot well, however, there is a problem when they don’t abide by the 180-degree rule when he is driving to see her. the audio was used effectively with the ticking representing every second.


Loop is a very interesting one minute short. There are many variations in shots they are put together effectively. the fact there is no music adds tension because it adds the fear of the unknown. the lighting is very bright not reflecting the true darkness of the short. However, the entire concept is very well portrayed and well done.


This is a very simple yet effective short is uses one of the most common things and shows to us the audience how many hundreds of ways we use this one simple action. it shows many different angles and techniques which would be very well done portfolio shortly. It is a very well done shortly.


This short is about the way social media has taken control of who we are as human beings, we care more about our self-image than actually helping someone in need someone who doesn’t experience the luxuries of life like we do. it reflects on how society has changed and how i personally am disgraced by how some people are treated because of its the way we have been taught to think. Also, the way social media has made us feel good about ourselves if we get a few likes, it’s that want for acceptance by others, this is what this short displays. Even though there are very few shots and it uses screenshots from a phone it still has a very effective message.




One of the most important stages of a production is to be able to understand what you are doing what equipment you’ll need everything is planned organised in this stage. This is vital, you have to have this finish the pre-production before starting the production otherwise the entire project would be shambles.

To ensure my project was able to be fit into a minute I had to look at other one minute shorts and understand what I can do in a minute. So I analysed 6 one minute shorts and looked at how hey presented things. Also, it gives me an idea on what I can do in a minute.

For the set theme of friendship, it was difficult to think of an idea at first, however, using my own experiences I developed an extreme version of friendship and the fact a friend will drop anything if you say that you need them. So that is where my idea came to life.

My Idea:

My idea for this project is to have two friends who would drop anything to be there for each other. It starts with a shot of a phone ringing on a desk, It then goes to another shot of the person sat at their desk picking up the phone then you see his face as he answers the phone, all his friend says is I need you then she hangs up, he grabs a cat runs down the stairs slams the front door and all you see is him running, running to that friend who needs him. He runs into her house and runs up the stairs to find her. He opens her bedroom door to find the body of someone he’d never met before and his friend crying. He closes the door takes a deep breath walks in over to his friend hugs her and walks her over to the bed, sits her down and they talk, she explains how he tried to assault her. He gives her a moral speech and just tells her to do the right thing and tell the authorities because of no matter what he will be by her side.

My Project Proposal:

Project Proposal

My Script:

(Ben picks up the phone sat at his desk)

Ben: What do you want Nicole?

Nicole: I need you now! (With a tone of distress in her voice)

(Scenes of ben running to Nicole’s house and up her stairs entering her bedroom shocked closes the door then re-opens it want walks in)

Ben: What happened?

Nicole: it all happened so fast Ben, he wanted to hurt me, to do things to me, so I pushed him off me and he hit his head hard on the corner of my bedside table and he just died.

Ben: okay, look I know you’re scared but we have to do the right thing here Cole, we need to call the police and tell them what happened, and I promise you I won’t leave you through this I will be by your side the whole time.

Nicole: Okay, thank you for being here.

Ben: what are friends for?


Storyboard 1-5Storyboard 2-4

Risk Assessment:

Health and Safety

Equipment list and Schedule

Equipment List

Location recces:

Location Recce Sheet Ben 2Location Recce Sheet Bens BedroomLocation Recce Sheet Ncoles bedroomLocation Recce Sheet Nicole 2

My Work:

This is my final project, I think the overall project went well it has the creepy tone I wanted but also reflects friendship. I did have some lighting problems but this as also because I didn’t have the access to proper lighting, however, I still think it is effective as it reflects the darkness of the subject at hand. I have portrayed and extreme example of friendship, however, this is because it shows the extent of what happens in friendship, true friendship, you’re there for each other no matter what, trust and caring about your friend. I think my work has an interesting concept of friendship and shows it in a different way to what it would be usually portrayed as. This also reflects me as in my work there is usually a dark tone because it’s something I find fascinating and I like putting into my work even if it is noticeable or very subtle.

Feedback and review

I think my project went well for the short amount of time i did encounter a few lighting issues however, the project as a whole went well and i believe it portrayed the image of putting your friend’s needs before yours was shown. i think there was a nice variation in shots yes the storyline ios rather extreme however the fact you will always be by your side no matter what the circumstances that are true friendship in my personal opinion.