I have two social media accounts for my professional portfolio, one on twitter and i have a page on my facebook account. Of the two i think my twitter account is more effective as anyone can view it whereas my facebook is only really available to my friends and it’s less looked at.


My twitter account has 128 followers, however many of these i believe may be spam, and the fact i have had no feedback from anyone yet is upsetting however, I’m not surprised as it was unlikely however if i keep what I’m doing up it should soon hopefully lead to me getting feedback from people and maybe someone in the industry may contact us.



My facebook page is followed by 11 people this is because my connection on facebook are limited and it’s becoming a less popular for o social media because even though it was on of the original it isn’t looked at that often and also you need that presence when this was a more popular social media website now they hype has died it create problems for people like me who are just starting out with a page and often my stuff gets overlooked.


Overall i think my twitter is becoming fairly successful and i am able to tag people in my work and to try and get their attention to my work hopefully leading to feedback and advice maybe even a contact in the industry which would help me massively. I think having these accounts will help me in the long run and the fact i am getting my work out there fro people to see will again help me as possible employers can view my work with ease and it makes life a lot easier. I find it easier to get my work out these using this because it is simple and it makes me connect with anyone and everyone i want to get my work noticed and this is the best way how to do this, and using twitter because it is now such a popular social media to use and the fact so many people do use it work gets passed around easier meaning my work may get seen by bigger companies it’s just sitting around and waiting to see what’ll happen. It is difficult to create this presence but it’s better to start now because it’s a situation of if i don’t start this till later it’ll cause more problems and the fact I’m starting this now gives me plenty of time to make a small presents at least and have people already noticing my work and then be able to expand and develop my work and hopefully it’ll show how my skills have developed since i began and it should show what i can create in a time period or it just displays my skills and what i have to offer and also doing these blogs are a massive help because it can display my work with ease and i can show these to employers anyone and shows what i can do and what i have done and how i understand my work as much as i am doing it. Also, it can display my pre-production skills and post-production skills and what software i can use and how i understad how to use equipment and what i undertsand of the industry overall.