Task 5:

This week’s task is another audio task, it’s all about the mic’s, we are learning about what mics are better in different locations and with different size areas. We discuss different mics and decided what mics would work best in certain locations, we were given an example of an interview and we discussed in groups what mics we think would work best in these locations. We were then given the task of going out and doing an example of an interview in three different locations using two different mics and two different shots.

The Task:

I think the task went well, however, the lapel mic was facing the wrong way so the audio isn’t as good as it could be and we also had the problem of the recorder dying. We resolved the recorder dying by getting new batteries however we could’ve solved the lapel mic problem if we actually had a clip to hold it in place and we also encountered another problem where the mic wire was in the shot, this was a fault on my part as i didn’t make sure it was well hidden. the audio was also very quiet which we should’ve checked, however, it was also because of the actress spoke quietly meaning it was difficult to hear her on the audio.

The two mics we used were a shotgun mic and a lapel mic, the shotgun mic is very good at directional recording because of its polar pattern, which is very directed with little pick up at the sides, it’s good for directional recording and can be attached to the top of a camera, it’s used a lot during filming because of how much it can cancel out ambient sound, however, there is still a little pick up on the mic. The lapel mic is also used a lot in interviews because of its small polar pattern has an unidirectional polar pattern but because of its small polar pattern it picks up very little ambient sound wich is useful for interviews and also useful in large crowded areas.

Social media report:

I have no feedback from social media, still because of how small my account is and how overlooked my work is because of i am a student and i have posted asking for feedback, however, i seem to have none at the moment.

Feedback and review:

I think this weeks work was really useful because of its gives us more time to work with the equipment and understand the equipment more, as i think that we don’t handle the equipment that often. I also think this task is good because of we get to understand how to use sound correctly and what mics are good in different locations, also some of the equipment was new and it was nice to experience the new equipment and get to grips with how it works and learn about it and how to use it correctly. I also found it a good task because we get to understand how to use the equipment correctly and what works best in different locations and in general understanding the equipment more than we have before. I think this experience with the equipment is really useful because it’s similar to the equipment we would use in the industry and its good practice in general.