Task 3:

In this task we were given the challenge of creating a scene  from a fairy tale (The Three Billy Goats Gruff) and by only using audio that we have created and few pieces from a sound library, we had to narrate and create this section of the fairly tale.

My Work:

This is my work of the three billy goats gruff, I came across a few problems with the audio, where you could hear a lot of ambient sound when we recorded the voices and so we had to resolve this by going out and re record all of our dialogue again, and we also were unable to create some of the sounds in the story so we had to use a sound library and it was difficult to find the correct sounds for this piece. We created the audio by using a mic with a shotgun polar pattern, because it was easier to be able to direct what sound was recorded and we had more control and because it is narrow it wouldn’t pic up much ambiance, however, we did at first choose a poor location where we didn’t realise how much ambiance noise was picked up so we ended up going back and a re recording our sound because of how the ambient sound affected how the audio sounded. The best was to record audio is using a mic with a shotgun polar pattern and in a really quiet location with little to no ambient sound because it can have such an effect on how the audio sounds.

The original problem is the fact we have to create audio that would let the audiences imagination create the visuals in their mind instead of creating the visuals, so we had to come up with ideas to create the layers of audio that would eventually create our audio piece. We did some recording of the hooves using plastic cups against a wooden table, we did it on a wooden table because I thought it best to give the idea of the goat going over a wooden bride and in the actual fairy-tale he does go over a wooden bridge I believe. we also created the sound of running water by using a tap and having it hit some plates and cups it sounds very much like a river much to my surprise so I just lowered the volume of it and used the best part of the audio we recorded and kept it repeating throughout the audio.

When we first recorded the audio we were sat in a corridor and we didn’t notice the amount of ambient sound until we returned to the classroom and started to edit so we decided to go out and re record and we found another corridor however luckily there was no ambient sound that we could hear and we tested the audio and there was nothing being picked up on the mic so we used this location to record the rest of the dialogue because of how quiet it was.Putting the audio together and using the help of sound libraries overall I’m really happy with the outcome of this work.

Social Media Report:

I have had no feedback from my social media accounts, I think this is because my work hasn’t been out long and because I am very new to the social media scene with my account not many people would take into account my work and just glance and aren’t interested in what I have to show because I am only a small time student, I think it will take time to get useful feedback because of how few people follow me and how miniscule my account it is it passes unnoticed.

Feedback and Review:

this week was another audio task where we had to create an audio piece with no visuals to help us its all about how to create a scene only using audio and help the audience to create that image in their head, its like reading a story to a child or a book like the book describes the character and you visualise it and that’s our task we have to visualise it then using sound effects and dialogue to create the imagery we have, portraying our image only sing sounds. This task I think is very useful because you don’t realise how much audio tells the story it is one of the most important elements to a film and it helps you learn how to immerse the audience into the film using audio and it means we can work with the sound equipment more and get to grips with it, it gives us more experience and I find that really useful.


djlessandro (2008) 20080320.farm.ambiance.2.flac by dobroide Freesound.org

BOSCH, alfonso 68 (2015) Wilhelm splash by TiredHippo Freesound.org.