Task 1:
In this task we have to research different platforms of social media for example, Twitter, Intsagram, Tumblr, Pintrest etc. I am going to be producing a report on these social media sites, on things like their origins, advantages and disadvantages of them. I am doing this report to research different social media sites because I am looking for the best platforms to put my work online.


I am researching about Instagram a type of social media website to see weather it would be appropriate to post my work on this site and how good the website is.

Instagram was founded in 2005 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. This social media website is more about sharing photos of your photos and images with friends family and strangers, videos are also able to be shared. many people use this as a way of showing their artwork or how rich they are depending on the person. but in its short time of being founded in 2010, it has grown massively by 2014 there were over 20 billion images on the site, it became very popular very quickly. In April 2012, Facebook made an offer top buy Instagram with its 13 employees for 1 billion and the deal was approved in august of that year (2012).

The way the website is designed is to have a fairly laid back system where you don’t have to be constantly updating and constantly using it, you can leave it for a few weeks and nothing changes and all of what is posted and is very rarely “frowned upon” its a very relaxed community.

Disadvantages of Intsagram is the fact it is only available on certain platforms, android, IOS and pc’s so that leaves a proportion of people who wouldn’t be able to see your work and not everyone has the accessibility to a computer and a fair amount of people don’t tend to use Intsagram as well it has a broad audience however, there are audiences such as people of an older generation who aren’t interest in Intsagram, but saying this, depending on your target audience for you work means that it is easier to display it to that audience.

In September 2016, the amount of active users on Intsagram was 500 million.



Twitter was created in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone and Evan Williams and was launched in July, whereby the service rapidly gained worldwide popularity.  Twitter is a social media site that you can share your thoughts and feelings with a fairly open minded community, there are many Politician’s , musicians and  actors on twitter with a huge fan base and they share their thoughts and personal lives on twitter giving the public a glimpse at their real lives, however at times their view are frowned upon by the public and they can get a lot of criticism for what they say, so even thought they do have massive fan bases, but they can be unstable. In 2012 more than 100 million users poster 340 million tweets per day.

A disadvantage of twitter is the fact you have balance out your post because if you post too much it could be considered “spammy” and people will unfollow you, but if you don’t post fairly frequently people are less likely to see it because of how infrequent your posts are and you may keep your followers but it most likely wont grow from how many you have. To maximise how effective your twitter is it ends up becoming almost a full time job because especially for people who are trying to promote things and/or are creating content, you have to keep it up to date and keeping people interested otherwise they aren’t going o look at your content. However there is a limited amount of space to write messages of 140 characters, and that really limits the content you can put in your tweets however you can link to your website meaning people will go to your website and look at the website.

An advantage of twitter is the fact it is widely accessible because its not just online (PC’s) its also on smartphones, which helps people access it from anywhere and it would increase the amount of people on twitter. Its effective to get in contact with companies about customer concerns because the companies re more likely to respond as its easier than calling customer services.

As of September 2016, Twitter had 313 million active users, however the fact this is lower than Intsagram, it is easier to post content and people can share your work and people are more likely to look at your work as typically on Intsagram you need a few seconds video before the users get bored as its a very quick social media and mainly based on photography than video and film work.


YouTube was launched in 2005 by Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. YouTube allows billions of people to watch and create videos and build a community around the content creators. It is used by billions of people, it is a great way of showing your work and what you can do it is all about sharing videos of anything and everything it is a very popular website and has stayed at the top because there isn’t anything really like it, and it is a good way to get work out there however if it isn’t that popular its likely that your work wont become popular because of the creators out there people are fixed on them and because of how YouTube works the small/ newer creators tend to be ignored and forgotten.

Advantages of YouTube are, its a really good way of broadcasting your videos and work to the whole world, they are also very good at keeping you updated on your videos and keeping you informed about your favourite videos and creators. Important things like new is uploaded to YouTube meaning its easier to keep up to speed with what’s happening in the world. Your audiences can give you feedback and sometimes it is useful however, you should expect criticism from the audiences as there are those types of people who just criticise your work even if they are wrong yet it is their option.

Disadvantages to YouTube some videos can be inappropriate without warning and children can get access to them unless you put a parental lock on it, and sometimes the creators swear a lot depending on who you are watching and people find it comedic and funny however there are some creators who want to keep it clean so that means their audiences can be larger and varied and it means people would be interested in them because of their content and not the fact they swear and lose their temper, but it just depends on the person. Also there can be problems with the servers and that causes massive problem worldwide however this isn’t a massive problem as it is usually fixed fairly quickly and it happens very rarely.

YouTube is a good site to put my work on however, because when I create my account as its small it might not get much notice and be completely ignored however it is more used than both Intsagram and twitter and over time my work should get noticed.


Image result for facebook

Facebook was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes, it was away to put students in touch with one another share their photos and meet new people.  By 2005 students in 800 colleges (universities) networks across the United States could join the network, its membership grew to more than 5 million active users. Even though it was deigned for students over time it has become available to everyone, even though this has happened its purpose hasn’t changed it’s all about connecting people.

Advantages of Facebook, one advantage is the fact that it keeps people connected and has a huge network of people, and because of this huge network you are able to share anything with the world and you can create a Facebook page for your business, and it can lead to a future if people in that career see you work and like it. It has a good security system where you can choose who can see what you post onto your page or profile, and if someone has attempted to get into your account and put the wrong passwords it notifies you and makes you change your password for safety security reasons.

Some disadvantages of Facebook are, there is a possibility your account will be stolen or someone would approach you with a fake profile and be someone else than who they say they are. Facebook is addictive and it kill lots of time in some cases is good however when you are trying to do work and get distracted by Facebook and put off work till another day which just causes more problems. If your security isn’t that great then anyone might be able to access your personal information and that could cause issues in your life and they might try and copy your account.

In September of 2016 there are 1.712 billion active users.

Facebook is a good location to put my work on and because of the large connections lots of people should see it, also it could be used as a way of communicating with film companies and get my name out there.










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