In this project, I am going to be creating a video communication project. I have chosen this way of communication because it is the best way I could display my work. if is used something like radio it wouldn’t be as effective because I could only use sounds which this entire project is basically creating a narrative with the word hello. Personally, I prefer to do it in video form because it means that my work is based on visuals more than using just sound.

My idea for the Hello Project is that it is set in a bunker in the woods, where there is a man in a suit tied to a chair, his lips have been sewn together he is helpless, there is a table full of a selection of weaponry, he tries to talk. He can’t. a woman then emerges out of the shadows he tries to talk to her she ignores him she walks over to the table picks up a knife, walks towards him. she sits on his lap, holds a knife to his throat and whispers in his ear, “hello” the screen cuts to black.




A WW2 bunker- I know of a location of Reinden Woods in Densole, I have easy access to this location. The reason I want to use this location is because it is a secluded area with a creepy feel about it. I have ventured into the woods to find a suitable location with the many bunkers in the forest.

Primary Research:

A bandstand- I want to use a bandstand to have the two characters to dance on.

Primary Research:


Female character-

Evening gown, the actress I am using owns her own evening gown,

Masquerade mask, I have a masquerade mask which I think would be effective in this scene because it gives the impression they met at a party or were there before.capture

I want my actress to wear heels because it emphasises her power and using the sound emphasises her.


Male Character-

An expensive suit, I want him to be wearing an expensive suit because that gives the impression he is rich and even with his “power” she was able to overcome that and she was able to overcome  his power and money and make him venerable and the inferior one in this situation.

masquerade mask, again giving the impression they may have met at this location or they know each other and they went together and she betrayed him.

Lips are sewn together, his lips have been sewn together because it means no one can hear him scream and it also makes her seem more psychotic because she has done this to him, it adds to her character.

He also is wearing expensive shoes because it relates to him having a lot of money.


Knives: I am going to use basic kitchen knives from my kitchen, I am using stainless steel knives because it gives them a sharper look.


chair: any chair can be used as it is not important what type of chair is used in this clip.

Table: a foldable table, to hold the knives to make it seem creepy and the range id large of her weapons.

Candles/fairly lights: to light up the bandstand where they will be dancing, hopefully, it gives off soft lighting to create a calming and relaxing mood

My Hello Project:

Evaluating my project:

My Hello Project is about a girl age not specified, she gets a text ventures out of her home and goes to the beach gets a phone call and replies with “hello”. This is my hello project as you can probably tell there have been many changes in it, however, the hello project as  a whole is about creating a short of your choice and imagination but has the limitation of only being able to say “hello” in the  script. This limitation does add difficulty to the project however, it means you become more reliant on your other skills we have learnt and it means you have to create the narrative with barely any script.

My Project:

5 Pros:

  • I think the work is substantial and works for the task at hand
  • I think that my shots and framing were good
  • I feel i have achieved what we were set

5 Cons:

  • The entire project is different to what i had planned
  • my sound isn’t great and could’ve been smoother and improved
  • My original actress was unwell meaning the entire project changed
  • I’m not happy with what i achieved i feel could’ve done more
  • My work could’ve been a better quality and have a better narrative.


Monday- Monday was the day i went into college to collect my equpiment and do further research for my project.

Tuesday- I did some testing of makeup for my project

Wednesday- Had to revisit college to collect lighting equipment  because it wasn’t available 0n Monday, the i ventured to the locations and placed the equipment to get a feel for how the set could be.

Thursday- filming was cancelled due to me being ill

Friday- actors weren’t free

Saturday- my actress messaged me saying she was unwell and considering it was my only day to film, I had to come up with a new and easily accessible idea that i can create in a day with a single actress, then came up with my idea and created it.

Comparing my work to my proposal it is completely different because of the difficulty through my filming experience. the reason i had to completely change the narrative is because of the fact the story line i had needed two actors and i had one and because it was too late to find a new one i had to completely recreate my whole project. I fell my narrative was lacking in my new project and the whole thing could’ve used more depth and creativity, but because of my lack of time and being able to plan my project it lost a lot of its originality, wich i am upset about, and this is not the project i wished to achieve.

I dont think my work will appeal to my target audience because its not engaing and isnt what they would find appealing, because it just isnt what would keep their attention.

I belive my work covers the criteria of units 1,2,3, and 4.

My whole project went worse than exected because of loosing my main actress on the morning of filming it meant my entire projected flopped and i had to change everything, so mu work is just different to what i wanted to achieve from this project i feel i wasnt able to show my full skill and it just didnt portray what my abilities are. Its sstressful however i feel it is also benifitial, because it taught me alot about howw i shouldn’t be as reliant and i should always be ready for a change of plan.


I could of improved this project massively. I couldvee improved audio quality as when it was windy outside you ca hear ythe cuts in the audio as it would sound better if the wind would flow from shot to shot. Also because of the wind it made it more ddiffficult to hear the actress talk in the peice. I would’ve improved howw i shot it and made the lighting flow and less of a large change and making sure the focus is correct in each frame. I also woulde had my orrigina narrative as i think it would be moe appealing to my target audience and more effective overall. Also i think it would show my skills which i have learnt from this course and i wish i couldve displayed this better.















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