In this lesson, we learnt about the different ways about how to get into the media industry, there are very few options, however, learning about our options are useful because it means we have a better understanding of what our life would be like and how we would be able to pursue our dreams.

Our options are:

Freelance- Most common form of employment, you are technically self-employed, you do your own taxes and national insurance. You work for other companies but only on specific jobs.


  • Flexible
  • Varied
  • Builds reputation
  • Develops skills and network
  • No joining requirements


  • Stressful
  • inconsistent employment
  • no work for months
  • turning down good jobs
  • breaking in

Self-employed– Your business, you create the media product yourself, you go to the client for your product, and you’re paying your own taxes.


  • working in the industry you love
  • creating the possibility of a breakthrough
  • easy to start
  • working on projects you choose


  • irregular income
  • money to start.

Employed– employed by someone else, you work for more successful companies, you work on more in-house projects ie Strictly, there is also short-term contracts/ project contracts.


  • Security


  • Lack of variety

My Ideal Career Timeline:


Canterbury College: UAL level 3 Film And TV extended diploma

MA/MSC professional practice (creative media industries): to learn more about the industry and develop my skills and have a more in-depth understanding of the industry.


After the course, i would want to begin my own company and strat making small productions taking y work to festivals and maybe uploading them to youtube and hopefully over time, my company will develop.


I would like to have contacted or be contacted by a larger company and to be able to discuss ideas. Also, i would like to have my work to have expanded and it becomes more popular.


By the time I’m 30 i would like to have sold an idea or be making a substantial amount of money with my company to a reasonable success. And maybe have a series on Netflix or something along those lines.