In this task, we had to use the slate correctly and explain what each different ways of using the slate are and why we do it. I think in this shoot we could’ve improved on the lighting because it was very dark, however, that is something we can improve on next time. In the first shot, we are using a head slate, a head slate is just using the slate at the beginning of a  scene to mark it and also being able to sync the sound of it’s needed. The second shot is of a taile slate, this is using the slate at the end of a scene to mark it, however, it’s held upside down to mark that’s it’s at the end of a scene. The third shot is a head slate at a different angle in this shot we used the head slate but at a different angle. In the last shot, it was a most shot, a shot using no sound and the way you hold the slate was different so this shot is showing how to hold the slate for a mos shot. Doing this exercise was useful as it taught us how to use a slate properly and this is really useful as it means we know how it works in the industry.

In another task we did this week we had to use different elements of three point lighting to create different effects and moods, we also used the reflector to create different moods and we used the different sides of it. I think in this task we did well as we experimented with a lot of the equipment used and we were able to create some effects that I think are effect for different situations. I think this task was useful as we were able to use the equipment we needed and we were learning about how to use the lighting correctly and effectively, it also means that in our other tasks we are able set up the equipment and we will be able to use it as well as just having it.


These are some of the images from our photoshoot, a lot of them aren’t of the best of quality however we were experimenting with light and seeing hat effects we could create by how we positioned the lights and what gels we used and the placement of the reflector and the different effects it gave the model.