In this task, we used avid to put together footage that we were given as well as audio, we had to sync the audio with the footage, and I made it change when there was a spike in the music because I thought I was most appropriate for  this task, I found this task useful as it gave me the opportunity to use avid and experiment with the software. Also having the experience with this software will be useful in the industry.

How to use Avid:

Step 1:step-1

In your area crate anew folder and name it after the project you are working on.

Step 2:


Create three folders and name them footage audio and edit, the reason we do this is because it means all of our work is separated and we know where is should be. it also means all of your work is organised instead of spread everywhere.

Step 3:

step-3On your desktop the avid application should be on there and it should look like this, you should double click on this application to open up avid.

Step 4:


This screen should appear and you have to make sure that all the information is correct ad linked to your edit folder because it means all your work is all in one area. The select new project to create a new project.

Step 5:


This screen should then appear and make sure that this information is correct and name your project is named for this example I haven’t changed it. Then click okay then all your information should be good.

Step 6:


Make sure you have the title selected then you can press okay then it should create the project for you.

Step 7:


Create three bins with the same names as the folders you have created so that means you should be able to drag and drop the information needed into these bins and you will be able to edit them further.

Step 8:


After inserting the audio and footage is should look like this in the bin it will show each clip.(I only have one here)

Step 9:


Double clicking on the file brings it into a preview area where you can inspect the footage before you use the clips for your work, you can use I and o to mark in and out points which are parts of the footage that you want to use and it means you can get specific things from the footage you want.

Step 10:


This shows the footage on the timeline the two grey boxer below the green box is the space to put audio and if the clip already has audio it will be displayed there, it shows you how long your clip is and it means you can piece together your clips and produce you work.

An example of a keyboard for avid: