This week has been all about camera work, in unit 1 we did work on the placement of a camera mainly during conversation, we did a practical to make our own shots however our group got too into the narrative and our work was inappropriate so it had to be altered, from this i learnt don’t get too into the narrative. in unit 2 we did about cameras and i decided to do about the history of cameras and i think my research could be more in depth and i will improve this in progress week. unit 3 was about becoming a cameraman and as i expected a very similar route and it shows to me university is one of the best routes to get to whatever job you want. unit 4 was about Narrative, i found this interesting as i was able to be creative with my short story though it wasn’t that short but i found it fun and interesting. also i found it interesting because i didn’t realise how many films i knew that related to the different types of narrative and the different techniques used in the narrative is interesting.