How to become a cameraman?

Firstly to become a cameraman you have to follow the same routes as if you were going to become a sound or lighting engineer, you have to go university possibly to do a photography degree because you learn more about framing and the actual camera instead of doing a general film course. you could also go and do an internship or and apprenticeship, they all can lead to you going to become a camera assistant. A camera assistant is an important job because they are very active and make sure the cameras battery is going to last for the next shoot, they also make sure the right camera is on set. This then can lead on to becoming a camera operator/cameraman. To be a camera man you have to be creative because you have to imagine the set how it’s going to how you are going to work the camera. This then can lead to becoming a Cinematographer/ Director of  cinematography, which basically you imagine where to place the cameras and how it’s going to be recorded and how long it will be imagined, you work with the other directors of sound and lighting to get the angles and locations perfect.

Auteur Theory:

This theory indicates that the Director is the “author” of the production. They say this because he chooses his teams and when they do that it tends to be the same. Its also how each and every director has their “mark” it’s something that can relate the film to that specific director it’s how to make the film different and unique. It is basically is the fact that the Director is the “author” and has a say in everything and how the film is made and portrayed to the audience, they have full control.

Emmanuel Lubezk


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