Different narrative techniques:

  • Linear Narrative: Begining-Middle-End eg Step Up 3
  • Non-linear Narrative: doesn’t follow the stereotypical narrative pattern Eg Momento
  • Single-Stranded Narrative: Only follows one story: eg Burlesque
  • Multi-stranded Narrative: Many storylines: EG Game Of Thrones
  • Open Narrative: something that has an open ending meaning it can lead to a sequel: eg Black Swan
  • Closed Narrative: has a closed ending: eg Chicago
  • Realistic narrative: the storytelling is realistic, EG M*A*S*H
  • Non-realistic Narrative: the storytelling isn’t realistic: EG Irobot

Narrative Techniques:

  • Voiceover- someone talking about the film possibly narrating it or they are in the trailer to announce what the film is about and saying things like “in cinemas near you” to notify the audience. EG The Nice Guys
  • Idents(text on screen) these can be used in a scene where texting is used and it shows the conversations.(unable to find examples)
  • Diegetic sound, these are sounds that would be able to be heard in the film EG Burlesque https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZFQgqhNoEI
  • Non-diegetic these are sounds used outside the world of the story like in chase scenes where an orchestra is used :EG James bondhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jygRWM3nIA0

My Short Story:

Four people travelling in a car, a family, a mum, dad ,daughter and son. Her Father is a highly ranked politician, and her mother is a fashion icon. They are travelling to their grandmothers, Suddenly a truck came out of nowhere slams into the side of the car killing the mother and brother. Her father is still alive but dragged from the car by rebels, they shoot him unknowing of the daughter’s survival she saw this happen and saw them broadcast it to the world showing they have power. She is saved eventually because when the rebels are gone she begins screaming drawing attention to her. She s taken to her grandmother her only living relative, after years of pain leading her to be angry, she uses her anger and vows revenge on her families murder.Because of what happened to her father it sent the country into war causing a massive civil war. When she turned 18 on the day of her father’s murder 5 years ago she leaves her grandmother, she seeks revenge and won’t let anything get in her way. She found her way to the destroyed city after meeting a collection of decent people who knew her father and kept her safe because she was being hunted but she didn’t care, she finally found her father’s old refuge she found out that he was corrupt which sickened her so much so that she refused to call herself by her father’s name taking on her mother’s maiden name. she hunts three men who claim the closed us of the dirt of this world, ie her father, she found the three men in the courts of the city they sat high on their “thrones” she pretended to be a normal civilian and they believe her she gains their t5rust the over time she kills them and says this is for my family and finally leaves not feeling proud but believes she found peace for her mother and brother but she now has no care for her father. She finds peace in leading her people to a better life.


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