Camera concepts:

180-degree rule: This tends to be in the use of conversations where two people are talking facing each other it tends to be facing each other and from above the line goes from nose to nose. it means when having two people having a conversation the camera shouldn’t go past this lie because it could confuse the audience, rarely it is broken, however, some directors broke the rule on purpose because they wanted to.

Shot reverse shot, this is also used in conversation where you go from one shot to the next and back to the same shot, used in conversation because it means you can focus on the actor who is talking

Over the shoulder shot, this is pretty self-explanatory, it’s a shot from over the shoulder used in conversations because it gives you the sense of being there and you can see both characters i the scene it adds to the immersion.

Match on action shot, this shot is used when focusing on a certain thing IE a lighter, it’s making you think of the object and showing it is important however it doesn’t take you out of the immersion of a conversation.Practical task:

Practical task:

shot 1

I this shot i wanted it to be blurred because it gave that ominous look and it shows the start of the scene and meaning the important subject is soon to appear.

shot 2

I wanted to use this shot now focused on the man in the background using te legs as natural framing, also it adds importance to the character. he steps into the frame

shot 3

i wanted to keep this as a long shot so you knew what was happening in the scene


shot 4

The camera moves with the person walking meaning you are following the story

shot 5

i made this a low angle shot to give the impression that the hooded man has power and superiority over the other man. over the shoulder shot meaning, there is a conversation happening

shot 6

i made this a low angle shot making him seem inferior. i kept his face hidden to add to the mystery i would’ve changed the lighting as well making it a darker alleyway at night but this is what i could do at the time. again OTS shot inferring conversation

shot 7

This shot again OTS shot meaning conversation however it is a shot reverse shot as well again meaning conversation still a high angle shot to make him still look inferior.

shot 9

match on action shot, focusing on the money because he is paying him off for blackmail.made sure the package was focused on because it shows importance.

shot 10

a mid shot of hooded man putting money in pocket showing he is taking it and the next shot would’ve been him leaving . showing the deal is don. i made t a mid shot so that you can see what he does with this money.

In this task, it went well because it followed the storyboard created and it had most  of the shots i wanted, also they followed my instructions and the storyboard was recreated easily.

How i would’ve improved this task would be changing the lighting and maybe the location as well.  but overall I’m happy with how this task went.

This is our storyboard: