I am going to research the history of the camera. I will use primary and secondary research as I have the access to an old camera because the college has one and I would be able to photograph and use that as primary research. For secondary research, I can surf the internet look for different articles about the history of cameras.

The history of the camera can be traced back to the middle ages with the first pinhole camera. A physicist by the name of Alhazen discovered the idea of Camera Obscura, which led him to the creation of the first pinhole camera. In 1816 inventor Nicéphore Niépce started to experiment with photography even though he called it heliography. He used light to create a photographic image of the nature he could see from his office window. In 1839, Louise Daguerre, the former partner of Niépce. He created a practical photographic process this development lead to the imminent creation of the camera.


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