This week we have been looking at sound. Sound is an interesting and extensive subject that i find interesting as it is a massive part to play in films because it is something that can completely change the way a scene feel. From this week i have learnt a lot about Foley sound and what it actually is as i have never heard of it before but know  i know its added sound effects that change a scene completely. The practical showed me how difficult it is to create and record foley sound. i also learnt about how to become a sound engineer and i see a similar pattern forming with most jobs, however, it’s interesting how some award winning artists got to their current positions. I already knew some information about mise-en-scene, however, it is  nice to refresh my memory and get my skills back into practice. It is also useful to know about mics and how they can be used effectively in different situations depending on where the sound comes from its also useful to find out about the polar patterns, because it means i can use them in future practice.