What is mise-en-scene?

Mise-en-scene is French from the theatre, it means everything on stage. this was transferred over to film and TV meaning everything in the scene. this related to things such as costume, lighting, locations, actors, props, editing and sound, these all have an effect on the scene and can tell us so much in a short amount of time a lot of information which the audience decodes.

why is mise en scene important?

Mise-en-scene is important because it is how the audience analyses a scene it can tell them so much about the character, where it is set and the time of which it is set. it is also important because it can help the audience understand who the character is and how they live their lives, it gives you  an incite into this person with telling you anything or having the character talk.

2 Film Scenes analysed using mise-en-scene

Game Of Thrones:

in this short clip from the beginning of Game Of Thrones, there are a lot of different uses of mise-en-scene, for example when the clip firsts starts we can instantly infer that it is set in medieval times because of the setting it is set in a castle, there are men on horses with torches made from sticks and rags, a typical thing from that era. They are wearing fur coats indicating that the location they are at is cold, they then walk through a large dark tunnel leading out into a frozen wasteland, then you see a gigantic forest.the lighting used is natural and they have a natural fill light of the snow because it is pure white. They are obviously inside a forest because of a number of trees surrounding them. then you get the clip of the torn apart bodies laying in the snow they have been there for a while because of the snow laying on them, they are dressed in more ragged clothes meaning they may be from this place they have travelled to and they don’t have the same resources as the men on horses. There are three different type of men one who is well spoken seemingly the leader of the group and the other two are less well spoken  inferring they are of a lower status than him. they then go to the place of the bodies they are all missing the music infers shock because of the sudden change and it creates a sense of fear. then a large figure appears and kills the leader of the group we know this because of the slashing sound used. They end up running in fear, you see someone beheaded inferring there is going to be a lot of gore, the evil guys are in rags showing they are immune to the cold, adding to how terrifying they are.The last shot is of the man on the floor then it cuts to the introduction.


in this scene we are first told that it is set in a coffee shop, we assume it’s in New York because of the coffee shops name “Central Perk” relating to central park in New York. from what they are wearing id say the era of which it was set was in the 80’s because of the unique clothing choices at the tie. the furniture indicates that the location is a comfy place which is relaxing as it looks well padded and comfortable for the actors to be sat on. The clothing that the woman who walked in is wearing, a wedding dress, gives the impression she is a runaway bride. The lighting is done in a studio so it is easily controlled it seems like the lighting is as if they are actually in a coffee shop.







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