In this research plan, I will be looking into what Foley sound is. Sound is one f the most important aspects as it immerses the audience into the scene and into the film, it really brings it to life. Foley sound is sound effects created physically rather than computer generated, they are used in every single film in the industry. it really brings the film to life.

Research Plan

I am going to research the Foley sound and what it actually is as I know little about this subject and would like to know more. I am going to use the internet I am also going to do some practice into foley sound because it can show me more about the subject and actually how difficult it can be to create the right sounds for the scene. I also will look at different websites containing information about foley sound and what it actually is.

We did a practical task putting us into practice into foley sound, we had to go out and create a selection of 7 different sounds i.e footsteps, horse  hooves, rain, human voice, running water, space ship, and a sound of our choice (we did a slamming door), we found out that even though we can recreate theses sounds they can only be used in specific ways because of the way and location they are recorded in.

Our practise work:

Foley sound is the effects added to the film post production to add to certain things in the film to emphasise them, basically it is the sounds that the sound recordists on set tried their best to avoid recording because that means they can be added in later and we have more control of the sounds and how loud they are and being able to have that control is important.


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