Dynamic Microphone:

A dynamic microphone is a microphone that is better suited for handling high volume levels such as musical instruments. they don’t require an external power source or batteries, inside they have a magnet wrapped by a coil connected to a diaphragm which when the sound waves hit the diaphragm they vibrate causing the coil to move against the  magnet.

Condenser Microphone:

A condenser microphone is more sensitive than a dynamic microphone, they are well suited to capture subtle nuances, they aren’t very good at picking up high volumes because they are more sensitive. It contains 2 plates as a diaphragm, they vibrate, creating sound and it is transferred into wherever it needs to be .

Polar patterns:

Polar patterns, measure the distance of which the microphone can pick up. there are different types of polar patterns you have, omnidirectional-it is able t pick up sound from all directions, cardioid- its heart-shaped pattern is able to pick noise well from front and side however towards the back lacks in power it is also referred to as unidirectional, figure 8- the front and back areas of this microphone are more sensitive than the sides of the microphone, there is also the shotgun- a polar pattern that has a good sensitivity at the front some at the sides and a fair amount towards the back, however, this is better for pointing the camera at the actor, however, there is a possibility of background sound that we don’t want because we need to control it and add it later in the production.


We did a practical task using a unidirectional microphone to record the ambience of 4 different areas we used 2 different pickup degrees. we did a 30 degree and a 150 degree pick up range as they were at 2 ends of the scale. we did 2 inside locations and 2 outside locations, they gave a variety in sound as well as what we could hear. like being inside you can hear lots of footsteps and lots of chatter, and outside you can sill hear chatter however the wind came into effect and made it more difficult to hear the sounds.


Audio map of where the locations of the mic were


Task 2:Foley sound

We recorded Foley sound using the object around college we used a camera with a unidirectional polar pattern for its mic, the mic was very good but didn’t have the best film quality, but that didn’t matter as we were only interested in sound and not the visuals. we created the noised using such things as plastic cups against concrete to create horse hooves effect, we used the water fountain to create the effect of running water, we used a keyboard to create the effect of rain and we used a door in a basement to create the sound of a slamming door because if where it was located the noise was emphasised.

These sounds can be used for many things, the horse hooves can be used in a chase scene on horses, however, it would have to be on concrete because if it was on mud or another surface it would make a different noise so this effect couldn’t be used in a film about the wild west unless they had concrete for the horse to run on. Running water the effect we created can only be used if the water was running onto something metal or a smooth surface and only if it was free flowing without hitting something because of how it was recorded the sounds can change depending on what water is running on. we used a toilet to create the noise of a spaceship taking off, this effect could only be used if the shot is some distance from the spaceship and it isn’t the main focus.

From this task i learnt that it is very hard to record Foley sound without the proper location to record it because of the ambience around, also it would be easier with better equipment to use. However, i found it useful as it did show to me how to create foley sound and how to improve on making a film and the sounds inside of the film. I believe most of our recordings went well except the spaceship and the rain sounds were the most difficult because rain would be easier with something like rice in a plastic bottle and the spaceship couldve been improved by using something like a kettle however because of health and safety we werent allowed to use a kettle. that is what i think went well and what cpuldve been improved was the location of these recoding and the things we used because they limited what they could be used in.