Throughout this week we have been looking at lighting and how it is used in different parts of films like film noir. We first experience using lighting using a reflector to create a fill light on a person they had four different types of reflector, gold, silver, white and black, black was the least effective reflector as it absorbs light instead of reflecting it. We used 2 different types of key light we used natural and artificial light. The artificial light was more effective as it was easier to reflect as it didn’t change whereas the natural light was less reliant because of the weather can change at any moment, and keep the key light the same is almost impossible because of the change of light and time, from this i learnt that using artificial light is easier than using natural light.

We also did a research plan into lighting, i looked at the terminology which helped me through the week as it gave me the ability to use the correct terminology when doing the shoots also it helped me understand some of the terminology used when doing different types of white balancing.

we did some research into film noir i found this interesting because of how they can create such a mood without colour it is truly the amazing the pure art of the pieces and how effective the  light can be .