What is white balance?

White balance is about balancing the colour on a camera/ photo, like the camera is able to edit the way it takes photos depending on certain this as in the light outside or the light available it is able to add colour to the image to make it look normal rather than having a colour tint like orange or blue. (orange from artificial light and blue for natural light- i.e. the blue sky)

What is colour temperature?

Colour temperature is how the colour appears on camera like the blue tint makes things seem cold and lonely and solemn whereas a warmer colour like orange can have a completely different feel it can make it seem warm and light. however using colour balancing on the cameras you are able to make the colour neutral again meaning that you don’t have to have that tint if you don’t want it. colour temperature is the colour o0f the image affected by lighting the lighting can change the colour on an image.

How does it work?

it works by adding a colour such as blue or range to the image to make it look more natural as being outside the lighting is more of a blue so if you add orange it should make it look more neutral we know this because of the Kelvin scale. Also if you were inside artificial lights tend to give off an orangey kind of look so to make it more neutral you are able to add blue.

My images:

These images were taken underneath a skylight, as you can tell each image has a tint to it the best image in my personal opinion is the natural daylight because it is the closest to the natural colour however if you were to have a different feeling shot you can using the other filters.

These are the images taken in artificial light the best image would be the fluorescent because I assume the lights are florescent, it gives the most natural colour and it is useful to know about this.

I personally thing that then daylight and the cloudy filter has worked best to make this image as similar to the automatic white balancing photo.

Using lighting in images

What is light?

Light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum it is made up of waves, the waves are visible to the human eye. It is used in film to create atmosphere and change the way a character looks.

What is three point lighting?

three point lighting is different angles, you have a key light which focuses on the thing you want to focus on, you also have a fill light that can soften the harshness of shadows or soften the scene in general, then you have a back light which is placed as the back of the scene aiming at the focus, it crate a seemingly glow around the object making it stand out on a harsh or dark surface.

What was the Practical?

The practical was to use a reflector to reflect the light making it into a fill light and softening shadows. we used different types of surfaces we used a gold surface a sliver surface, a black surface and a white surface to give us a variety of lighting effects. we used the sun as our key light we also used indoor celling lights as our artificial light.

How did we approach it?

we found a suitable location with enough sunlight to show shadows and make the reflector seem effective we place the camera so that the key light was on one side of the model face whist on the other side we had the reflector reflecting the key light onto the side of the models face.

Black reflector with natural light:


Gold reflector with natural light


White reflector with natural light


Silver reflector with natural light


No reflector with natural light


black reflector with artificial light


Gold reflector with artificial light


White reflector with artificial light


Silver reflector with artificial light


No Reflector with artificial light.


What worked and what didn’t

the black reflector didn’t work very well or it didn’t work to its full potential. the gold one was effective but didn’t give off the right light, silver was also effective however was pretty  bright. the white would’ve been more effective if it had a stronger light.