What is semiology?

semiology is the study of signs. e.g. a drawing of a tree you see it as a tree when it’s just 2 parallel lines and a squiggly but we see it as a tree because of its a symbol/ sign of a tree. its an encoded message which people decode without knowing it.

A colour table showing the different meanings of a few colours.

Danger Envy Happiness Sad
Love Happy Caution Cold
Lust Disgust Joy Formal
Anger Nature Warmth Calm
Luxury Jealousy Summer Contemplative
Heat Health Youth Natural
Jealousy Natural Enlightenment Nostalgic
Power Greed Success Space
Magical Serious
Wealth Relaxed
Relax Aura


My Skins character:

Name: Samantha

Clothes: she wears a short black pencil skirt, a plain white shirt, and large glasses.

Colours: she wears black to show confidence and it adds formality to her character.

Bedroom Description: her bedroom would be extremely organised with a desk full of books and it would be completely spotless, she’d had white walls covered with posters about maths and science inferring that she is an intelligent character and cares about her education.

Analysing characters, in the beginning, a TV series.



In this clip, you are presented with a family scene, it has a fairly normal house which we can see from the establishment shot at the very beginning, it appeals to the audience as it is made to be believed as a normal home in a village sort of area. You first meet the mother, Sue, from the first shots you can tell she isn’t organised because she is scrambling through a bowl of keys to search for they keys she needs then finds a old apple core meaning the house isn’t as clean as shed like it to be. She then throws the apple core in the bin, it doesn’t have a bin bag meaning she is disorganised and not prepared for the day. You then meet their child, Ben, his character obviously is a troublemaker as he brings his dads laptop, and tries to lie to his mother giving the impression he is there to cause trouble. Then you are introduced to the father, who is watching the weather, playing on the stereotypical father symbol. Sue then addresses the interconnections of school where parents stay connected and talk to each other about their school, these connections tend to be lost when the child goes to secondary. Then you meet Jake he is starting secondary sees to be the child who needs less attention he is more mature than his brother but still a child. Their home shows they are well paid, because they have a nice kitchen and dining room however they aren’t very clean people because the house is left in a tip.