What are primary and secondary sources are?

A primary source is a source you have found out on your own without the help of the internet, it’s your work. E.g. photos, practising skills, interviews and locating what you need for your work.

A secondary source is somebody else’s work. E.g. and interview with someone who we wouldn’t be able to get and interview with, photos from the location that we didn’t want to visit, watching films or shows similar to the genre you are studying.

Different methods of collecting research

  • surveys
  • questionnaires
  • interviews
  • photos

Different sources of information

  • the internet
  • books
  • journals
  • diary’s
  • magazines
  • photos

The steps to make a research plan

Step 1- What?: what am I trying to find out?

Step 2-How?: sources?

Step 3- Locate: look through the information provided being extremely careful and studying the text.

Step 4- Apply it: apply the information you have discovered to the work you are trying to accomplish.

An example of a research plan:

Step 1-What?

Horror- look into films to do the genre and see how they are portrayed.

Chased down a dark alley by the murderer- would have to be recorded at night meaning you have to find out whether you actors are able to do it the time you are aiming for. The alleyway must be clear and if was owned by someone, would need to ask permission. you would need to look at other pieces and interpret them as your own. you would also have to find a suitable location for you to film.

Step 2- How?

to find out about the alleyway you could ask the council. to learn about the location you could visit it in real life or look at the images on Google earth. Finding out about the actors is just a matter of asking them. To find out about the alleyway you can go to the council and ask if you can film there. You would have to find out when it is sunset/ night time to record this piece. Plus through the day you can practice shots till you can record.

Step 3- source/locate

You can compare weather forecasts and times of sunset so you can see when the prime time to film the piece.

Step 4-apply it

use the information you have gathered and put it to use but in your write up don’t forget to reference the sites you used to find out the information. I.e. finding out weather the location is owned you would have to contact the council and doing that you would have to access the councils website to get their contact details. Also finding a suitable location you would have to use Google earth or if you have an idea of a location you could visit the locating and take images and say that’s where you are thinking about having it. however you would also have to think about lighting, because you can get people with motion censored lights so that could effect your filming also the height of the fence because if people see you filming but they think its real they would react so. Also if its a busy alleyway it wont be as effective because you will get more people there and they will disrupt filming. Also the alleyway needs to big enough so that filming it with the camera is easily done instead of having awkward angles.