All About Me Collage:

PS3_K108-MFD_0708_001.jpgMy collage contains a variety of images which I believe relate to me. like the image of family, my family has had such a huge impact on my life they have helped me grow as a person and they have been supportive if m e over the years. The image of the gay pride flag is because of the people I’ve been around its shown me about equality. the image of education has made the person i am today because without the education provided I wouldn’t be doing this course, and I would have this ambition to do well for myself in the future. the image about being yourself has made me the person I am today because I feel that I’ve always tried my hardest to be myself and not conform to the ways of society and I’ve always aspired to be different, unique.

All About Me Monologue:

A video about me can be found at

In this video, I discuss why I chose this course and, the reasons behind it. I chose to use this location because it was fairly quiet so there was less noise disruption. I also chose to use moving images because it gave a sense of the location as well as giving the audience something to look at whilst they listen to what I have to say.

My Favourite Film Scene:


reference: Movievlips(2011)All Men Are Created Equal – To Kill a Mockingbird. available at : (accessed: 12th September 2016)

My favourite film scene is from to kill a mockingbird. the scene is where Atticus is in the courtroom defending the black man and he is standing up for what he believes in and this inspires me because he is standing up for a man no one else would because of what society says he doesn’t care what people think of his beliefs. His speech is very powerful as in the fact he addresses the problem and he says that it is wrong because it is it was a massive problem back then. The fact that there isn’t any music playing whilst the speech is happening emphasises it because it focuses your mind on that there isn’t anything distracting you from what the message he is portraying the whole speech is powerful and fairly self-explanatory to what he is addressing. personally, it is one of my favourite speeches. This scene is my favourite because it is so engaging, empowering and inspirational because it is so relevant still today and the fact he stands up to other people’s view and society is just amazing because being able to not conform and be an individual is so important.

Photo Task: BENS COLLAGE.jpg

In this collage, I have many photos of my friends and family because they mean everything to me. they have helped me through the toughest of times and they are so important to me. The reason I chose these photos is because they all show that my family and friends make me happy and how special they make me feel and they show how close we really are.