Ben Miller Film & TV coursework

There is no limit to creativity

Unit 13: The Extended Project

Week 4: W/C 19.03

Ben Miller Draft 4 WC 19.03 Unit 13


Week 3: W/C 12.03

Ben Miller Draft 3 WC 12.03 Unit 13


Week 2: W/C 05.03

Ben Miller Draft 2 WC 05.03 Unit 13


Week 1: W/C 26.02

Ben Miller Draft 1 WC 26.02 Unit 13

Draft 1- Progress Tracker and Peer Review


Unit 12 Portfolio

Unit 12 Final Draft:

Ben Miller-8th Feb- Final Draft

W/C 05.01

Ben Miller-04.02.2018-Draft 6

W/C 29.01

Ben Miller-28.01.2018-Draft 5

W/C 22.01:

Ben Miller-28.01.2018-Draft 4

w/c 15.01:

Ben Miller-21.01.2018- Draft 3

W/C 08.01:

Ben Miller-14.01.2018- Draft 2

W/C 01.01:

Ben Miller-07.01.2018- Draft 1


Copy Transform Combine, Pre-Production Paperwork.

Copy transform combine

New Revised Project Proposal Year 2 2017


Risk Assesment

location recce



Target Audience Pre-production paperwork

Shooting Script


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Contex And Audience Portfolio

Contextual Analysis  & Target Audience Portfolio: w/c 11.12

Portfolio- Final Draft

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My Portfolio

Year One Portfolio- Final Draft

Year One Portfolio-Draft 2

Year One Portfolio -Draft One





New Project proposal


Pre-Production Paperwork: Extended Project Year One- The Lost Girl

This blog will contain all of my pre-production paperwork for the extended project called “The Lost Girl”. This will contain all of the necessary information for my work.

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Week 5: EP- L/O 2.2

This week we are looking at our projects and thinking about why we are doing them and also doing research into them.

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