Ben Miller Film & TV coursework

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Unit 12 Portfolio

Unit 12 Final Draft:

Ben Miller-8th Feb- Final Draft

W/C 05.01

Ben Miller-04.02.2018-Draft 6

W/C 29.01

Ben Miller-28.01.2018-Draft 5

W/C 22.01:

Ben Miller-28.01.2018-Draft 4

w/c 15.01:

Ben Miller-21.01.2018- Draft 3

W/C 08.01:

Ben Miller-14.01.2018- Draft 2

W/C 01.01:

Ben Miller-07.01.2018- Draft 1



Copy Transform Combine, Pre-Production Paperwork.

Copy transform combine

New Revised Project Proposal Year 2 2017


Risk Assesment

location recce



Target Audience Pre-production paperwork

Shooting Script


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Contex And Audience Portfolio

Contextual Analysis  & Target Audience Portfolio: w/c 11.12

Portfolio- Final Draft

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My Portfolio

Year One Portfolio- Final Draft

Year One Portfolio-Draft 2

Year One Portfolio -Draft One





New Project proposal


Pre-Production Paperwork: Extended Project Year One- The Lost Girl

This blog will contain all of my pre-production paperwork for the extended project called “The Lost Girl”. This will contain all of the necessary information for my work.

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Week 5: EP- L/O 2.2

This week we are looking at our projects and thinking about why we are doing them and also doing research into them.

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Week 4: EP- L/O 2.1

This week we are looking into what we are going to be researching and getting an understanding. We will be looking at secondary research and learning more about or finalised idea.

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